Tommy Taters

A Killer Irishman who wields potato peelers


Irish Immigrant who arrived in america when he was four.
Grew into the Irish mob.
Lost his family to a rival mob and was abandoned.

D.O.B: 3/25/1935
HT: 5 foot 9 inches
WT: 140lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

M.O: Potato Peeler murder


Born in good ol’ Ireland to two master chefs who could cook a potato in every way imaginable. In 1939 it was not looking good on the mainland, so his father being fearful of what would happen if Hitler decided to move Northwest through the brits moved them to america.

They moved into an Irish neighborhood in Boston. Many children were kids of parents who were the first kids of the country. Unfortunately for his father he arrived in the country right as they started drafting. Tommy never got a chance to know his dad.

His mother give him and his older brother ,Colm who was Five years older than him , a good life. She worked as a Dinner cafe chef making food for the neighborhood fellas. She always told the boys ‘you never know when you’ll need to cook a meal for people so always keep something on ya’. Tommy kept one of his dad’s peelers, Colm always kept a wooden mallet, near by themselves all their lives. They trained as chefs to follow in the family business.

When Tommy was 17 him and his brother were carjacked. Colm got shanked after a fella named George Killeen was shot and the bastard drove off with the car they had.

Tommy saw the guy who did it and he went to the Transit Cafe. Owned by Donald Killeen. Now he made a deal with Donald that he would get ride of the guy. no evidence. He would just need a kitchen and be alone with the guy. When he got the guy he made him into a gift basket and sent it to his family.

Since that day he was an enforcer for them, roughing up those who forget their debt sometimes entire households. He got a wife named Emilia (1955) and had two kids, a daughter and son fraternal twins, (1960)
Everything was going pretty well for Tommy.

A few incidents occurred for the next ten years but it was in Early 1971 when it changed. The bosses got in a scuffle with the Mullen Gang, this caused an underworld bloodbath that is still going on. Victims of this war included the bodies of Emilia, Colm Jr., and Alessa. Tommy was enraged. he went on a spree killing either gang that got in his way. Whitey Bulger a fellow in enforcer of the Killeen Gang let him go understanding his rage but said that he should never comeback to boston. Burning the apartment complex that tommy waged through. The Killeen and Mullen gangs presumes him dead but have their eyes out for him.

Tommy Taters

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